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  • I dati pubblicati: 31/12/2018
  • ISBN: 9781370504282
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In the fall of 2014, I finally found out what was wrong with the lower half of my body, specifically from the top of my knees down to my ankles. I had a disease called Lipedema (or Lipoedema, as it's known in the UK). I'd never heard of Lipedema before. What's more, I had no idea why the lymph system was, what role it played in the body, and why Lipedema was such a threat. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one. Even doctors in the United States wouldn't know what Lipedema was even if it was staring them in the face. The first doctors I showed my legs to (male doctors, I might add) dismissed my concerns and simply told me to 'walk more.' Oh, if it were so simple. But it's not.A rare genetic disease that is currently incurable, Lipedema only affects a small portion of women - roughly 11%. But sadly, of those who are affected most never get a proper diagnosis because the majority of doctors aren't familiar with the disease. Hence, when women ask for help, the condition is dismissed and they're simply told to lose weight, walk more, and diet. I was told the same thing. Until I found a doctor who listened to my concerns and set about trying to identify why my legs were bruised, painful, and constantly swollen beyond what one would find with typical edema.Sadly, a person like me with Lipedema can only manage the disease. A woman's best hope is that she won't progress from Stages 1 or 2 to Stages 3 or 4, where immobility or possible amputation of limbs can occur. Trust me, there is nothing scarier than knowing you have a disease in your body that is like a ticking time bomb - one that physicians know little about, have no idea how to completely cure, and can not only assault your body with bruising pain and discomfort in addition to wrecking your self-esteem and body confidence.

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